Permaclear By SupaChem: A Protective Film To Keep Your Windscreen Clear, Clean & Water-Free

Keeping Your Field Of Vision Clear So You Can Concentrate On The Road.

Permaclear is a simple solution to a simple problem. One of the major hazards when driving is an impaired field of vision when weather conditions are wet, dark and miserable. The Permaclear Windscreen Additive is a simple and unique biodegradabe solution that helps keep your car windscreen smear-free, debris-free, streak-free, moisture-free and water-free. By creating a protective film over the windscreen glass, Permaclear affects the surface tension of the water, reduces the friction between the water molecules and the solid glass surface, creating an instant beading effect that improves the performance of your windshield blades. 

Maintaining A Clear View Of The Road Is Essential To Ensuring The Safety Of The Driver & Their Passengers.
A Special, Exclusive & Biodegrable, Environmentally-Friendly Chemical Formula Is Key To The Beading Action That PermaClear Creates

The Science Of Water & WindScreens: How Permaclear Works

Created by Northern Ireland inventor, scientist & entrepreneur, Jack Armstrong, Permaclear by SupaChem is innovative automotive product. With over thirty years experience as a chemical engineer, his unique and patented formula has many applications beyond protecting windscreens on motor vehicles. 

The solution places a fine coating onto the surface of the windscreen. This repels rain, sleet and snow on continuing basis. The natural movement of air over the car when driving also assists the rain droplets to move to the edge of the windscreen, away from the wipers to create improved vision.

The chemical solution that is utilised by PermaClear creates a non-silicon coating that effectively “waterproofs” your windscreen. The hydrophobic coating keeps the water droplets from interacting with the windscreen glass, including the dust and debris that collects on the surface. By reducing the level of friction between the liquid and solid surface barriers, pooling and collecting of water on the windshield is dramatically reduced.