Supachem Windscreen Additive By Permaclear


Keeping Your Field Of Vision Clear So You Can Concentrate On The Road.

Permaclear is a simple solution to a simple problem. One of the major hazards when driving is an impaired field of vision when weather conditions are wet, dark and miserable. The Permaclear Windscreen Additive is a simple and unique biodegradabe solution that helps keep your car windscreen smear-free, debris-free, streak-free, moisture-free and water-free. By creating a protective film over the windscreen glass, Permaclear affects the surface tension of the water, reduces the friction between the water molecules and the solid glass surface, creating an instant beading effect that improves the performance of your windshield blades.


SupaChem windscreen additive provides drivers with the ability to see more clearly when driving, in types of driving conditions. The product offers superior visibility for a more comfortable and safer driving experience. The product offers a windscreen glass treatment which assists visibility. Water should bead and roll off the windscreen when driving at speed and be more easily swept away by wipers when moving at slower speeds.

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How To Use Supachem Windscreen Additive:

The concentrate is capable of being mixed in a ratio of 100:1, so a small 125ml bottle is sufficient to add cleaning power to a car reservoir of between 5 litres and 10 litres capacity. The concentrate has a non-neutral PH value so it is important to make sure that the car’s reservoir is completely empty of any other windscreen additive before using SupaChem.Mixing with another additive will not cause any harm but may cause foaming which reduces the product’s cleaning power and hence reduces its effectiveness on the windscreen.

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