Supawash Windscreen Additive By Permaclear

SupaChem Windscreen Washer Additive applies a water treatment by instantly applying water beading technology every time it’s used. It works all year round in all weathers.

  • No need to pre-treat glass with a separate product.
  • Directly from the reservoir, applies a coating to the windscreen.
  • Provides a protective layer on your windscreen glass.
  • Repels rain, sleet, and snow, helps reduce insect residue, tree sap marks, bird droppings and general grime.
  • Reapplies coating each time wipers and spray are activated.

Easily Installed & Used To Protect Your Windshield

The Supawash Windscreen Additive by Permaclear is easily installed in your vehicle. The simple addition of a bottle of the solution to your windscreen wash water reservoir is the only step you need to take. Once the Supawash Windscreen Additive is added to your screen wash, the protective coating will be applied to your windshield glass every time you use your vehicles wash nozzles.

Not Just The Windshield:

Not only does the product protect your windshield, but also works to protect any glass or plastic surface that your windscreen wash system applies the solution to. Many modern cars also apply the cleaning solution to headlights – this Permaclear product also protects them.